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Handgate: Trump Team Caught Enlarging Hands in Online Photos

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handgate operation tinyhands

In what some have begun referring to as Handgate Photos appear to demonstrate someone is editing photos of trump online to make his hands appear larger than they are in real life. It’s widely speculated that forces within the Trump administration are behind this latest scandal. We are hearing reports from anonymous sources within the White House that, what’s known internally as “Operation Tiny Hands”, has been going on for months.

“Operation Tiny Hands” or OTH started launched right before the inauguration. In it’s first iteration Trump’s team sought out small handed models to surround Trump for photo-ops. After weeks without finding someone to fit the size criterea they started experimenting with prosthesis with limited success.

handgate Operation tiny hands
Notice the use of gloves and long sleeves to obscure size of hands of people surrounded Trump
handgate, "Operation Tiny Hands"
After a few trial runs it was clear that the limits of how small they could design prosthesis were derailing “Operation Tiny Hands”

handgate truck trump


More reporting to come.